Culinary Experiences

We continually try to offer new programs to keep the Vista Verde vacation experience fresh, especially for our returning guests. Changing things up also keeps it fun for all of us in the kitchen. We hope you will enjoy getting involved with our wine tasting or cooking classes.  — Chef Cholly

Cooking Class

Have you ever wanted to learn the secrets of naturally-leavened artisan bread baking for the home cook?  Or want to help create something for tonight’s formal dinner?  Or, just get a tour of our kitchen and see how we do things in the “back of the house”?   Well, then, my cooking class is for you! I hold this class each week throughout the season and try to make it interesting for those who think they can’t boil water, and those who think they can; those who get down and dirty in the kitchen, and those who want to watch.

The weekly cooking class is a great time for me to get a chance to meet some of you, and have some fun sharing my passion. Each week brings a different challenge and task.

I try to offer a variety of options so you can walk away with an arsenal of ideas. Regardless of what we do, we have fun sharing ideas and talking about the thing I love most- food! We do limit the size since, as you know, there can only be so many cooks in the kitchen!

Wine Tasting

The wine tasting class is really as much a class for me as it is for the guests. In my years as a Chef at the ranch, I’ve learned that a love of wine is a lot like a love of horses. You will never be an expert, because there is always more to learn.

I host these each week during the winter and summer seasons and enjoy getting both novices and total wine geeks attending.

We take a look at techniques for evaluating wine including developing a more extensive wine vocabulary so you can put your sensory impression into words. The wines tasted are an eclectic variety, from the basic, to the adventurous.

I look forward to learning more about wines together with you. I hope you’ll join me to raise a glass to the wonderful world of wines!