A Romantic Family Vacation?

By Steph

There was a great article in Pure Wander Magazine recently called Keeping the Romance Alive While Traveling With Kids.  I saw that and it just hit the spot for me, as I feel like that is something we help facilitate here at Vista Verde.  If you’re reading this thinking, “What?”, then read on.  Here are some of the tips from the article:

Consider the amenities

Lodging is a pivotal part of any trip, but it is even more important when trying to find time for romance. One option is to rent a small cabin or an apartment. Giving your children their own space and setting a bedtime will not only allow you some alone time, but it will also keep the kids from tossing and turning in your bed throughout the trip. On chilly nights in snow-covered cabins, grab a bottle of wine and cuddle up in front of the fire.

Yep, we have spacious cabins at Vista Verde, and the kids typically have their own bedrooms separate from the master suite.

Research special activities when traveling with kids

Many hotels provide guests with day camps or supervised activities. Kids will experience a different side of the resort and make some new friends while you sneak away for the afternoon.

Can you say kids program?  Like, a kids program that the kids won’t want to leave?  As in, you’re going to have to force them to go do something with you when you’re ready for family time?

Incorporate the element of surprise

If you manage to get some alone time, surprise your partner. If you won’t have the opportunity to spend a night out, leave little surprises around your room or in your significant other’s suitcase to remind them that you’re thinking of them even while your children are around.

This is sweet.  We can help you if you need assistance from the Love Experts.

Start before you leave

Before leaving on your trip, think about ways to get the romance started at home. Find classes you can take together—learn the native language of where you’re heading or take dance classes to experience the culture before your plane even touches down. Look up authentic dishes online and try to recreate them together at home. The romance doesn’t have to be exclusive to the trip!

Ahhh…..come on Romeo, you can do it!

We think they hit the nail on the head with these suggestions.  So, if you’re wondering about whether you can spark some romance on your family dude ranch vacation, we’re here to assure you it’s possible.  Come join us this summer for a Romantic Family Vacation!  Who’d of thunk?