Frequently Asked Questions

Communication back to the real world

Faxes – If you need to receive a fax at the ranch, it can be sent to 970-879-6814. We will hold it for you in the Main Lodge.

Phones – There are no phones in the accommodations. The guest phone is located in the Main Lodge. There are some spots on the ranch where you can get cell service, but it is spotty. Remember, this is your excuse to actually be on vacation!

Internet – We do have wireless internet access in the Main Lodge if you bring your laptop. There is also a guest computer available in the Great Room if you just need to check in once or twice during your stay.

Fed Ex/UPS – If you would like to send something to the ranch prior to your arrival, just put your name on the box and we will have it waiting for you when you get here. Make sure to send it only via Fed Ex or UPS, as the other carriers are unreliable out this way. The physical shipping address is Vista Verde Ranch, 58000 Cowboy Way, Clark, CO 80428.

Roughing it, but not that much

Our wonderful housekeepers will do laundry for you if your jeans start walking on their own. There is a laundry bag in your accommodation, so just leave what you want washed in the morning and they’ll have it back by the next morning, if not earlier. There is a minimal charge ($2/pound) for this service.

What is the attire and what should I pack?

We may call ourselves a luxury ranch, but we’re very casual when it comes to attire. Even our “formal dinners” are only formal in the sense that they are as good or better than what you’d find in a top restaurant in a big city. But here, you can wear jeans to that same meal! A packing list will be sent out at the time of booking to help give you and idea of what to bring. We also have some fun, Western apparel in our little store if you want to get into the spirit of this experience!

Do you have an age minimum?

At Vista Verde, we pride ourselves in our fabulous Kids program. If your kids aren’t happy, you’re not happy, so we put a lot of effort, thought and resources into making their stay extra special.

The focus of our program is for families with children 6 years and up. Please do call or email Stephanie if you have younger ones and want to know when or if it can work to come to the ranch. She has young children herself, so she can really speak from experience in knowing when it will be a good experience or not.

How do I handle gratuities?

We’ll be the first to admit that our staff is amazing and we hear that same sentiment from our guests all the time. Although we do not add any gratuity and our staff doesn’t work for tips, we often have guests ask us if and how they can leave a gratuity because they really want to give something extra for them as a thank you. In the event that you would like to leave a special thank you for the staff, please just include it in your final payment and we will divide it up amongst the crew evenly. Our staff works as a team, and we encourage that team effort by asking staff to not accept individual tips. Please keep in mind, there is absolutely no expectation of a tip.

Special dietary needs

Our Chefs are happy to accommodate special dietary needs. We will send out an Advance Guest Information form with space for you to fill out your requests and needs. However, if it is more than just “I don’t eat red meat” a more in-depth explanation is helpful. That allows our Chefs and waitstaff to really keep an eye out for making sure there is always something for you at each meal.

Pet Policy

As much as we love animals, we can not allow pets to come stay at the ranch. We have several here who don’t like to share their home, but do love to have your attention when you are here!


Summertime is very pleasant in our part of Colorado. June usually brings cooler temperatures with highs in the 70’s and lows in the 30’s. July and August can be a bit warmer with highs in the 80’s and lows in the 40’s. September is when things cool down a bit and the temps are more like those you see in June. Having said that, there is no normal. We can have a spell when the temperatures go into the low-90’s and times when it even snows in the summer! We do get periodic rain showers throughout the summer months which is what helps keep everything so green.

People flock to Steamboat for its mild winters. Although we get around 300 inches a year in snow, we have more bluebird days than anywhere else. Winter temps can be all over the place, but typical day will warm up to the low-20’s or even 30’s with the sun shining on the fresh snow. Nights can get really cold, and every once in a while we dip below zero. The amazing part about winter is that it is so pleasant to be outside in this weather. This isn’t your bone-chilling Boston kind of winter!

Check out the average temps and precipitation stats for the Steamboat Springs Area.