Adult-Only Ranch Vacations

We’ve had guests jokingly refer to it as summer camp for adults, and we suppose it’s kind of like that, but with really nice wines, plush robes, private hot tubs, and evening turn down service.

Towards the end of August and through the fall, the ranch turns into a destination for adults seeking a vacation without kids.  The conversations might be a bit more loose, and the focus is completely on creating amazing experiences for our adult guests.  But, come on, the kid in all of us still gets excited at the idea of whooping and hollering as you explore the mountains of Colorado!

August 25-September 29, 2019

These are great weeks for those wanting to get in on the tail end of summer weather, and try out a variety of activities while the weather is still warm (typically) and summer-like.

September 1-29, 2018- Cattle work weeks

These four weeks are very popular due to the fall foliage season as well as our cattle working option.  During these weeks we spend a couple days out on over 16,000 acres of forested land to find, move, and eventually round up the cattle before the snow flies.  The first part of the week is spent honing each rider’s skills on working cattle and getting dialed in with their horse. Later in the week, we head out into the National Forest to search out and move the cow-calf pairs to higher pasture, sort out the bulls, and at the end of the month drive in the cattle. These weeks are for those interested in an intensive riding experience and a lot of time in the saddle.

Now, keep in mind you can come and enjoy an adult-only ranch vacation during these weeks and not take part in any bovine experiences, or a limited amount.  Our other hallmark activities such as fly fishing, hiking, and mountain biking, and more, are still offered during these weeks.  It’s a great time to get out and explore the mountains with the aspens changing and the cooler weather.

September 29-October 6, 2019

The October stays pull in a mix of outdoor freedom and snuggling opportunities indoors.  As we transition from summer to winter, the fall can be a mystical time at the ranch.  It might be sunny and 70 degrees, or we can get snow, rain, and sometimes all of those in the same week!  It’s a great time to cozy up by the fire, soak in your private hot tub, or adventure out on horseback or on foot to explore the mountain vistas.

October 6-10, October 10-13, and October 13-17, 2019 Short Stays 

Can’t sneak away for a full week?  Join us for either a 3-night or 4-night abbreviated stay and enjoy a few days of playing in the mountains.