“We just wanted to say thank you for all the “extras” that you did for us during our wedding weekend. You had so many great ideas (the fire truck was awesome) and you were very easy to work with. We were blown away by the strawberries and champagne in our cabin. We didn’t expect at all so much special attention. We are still in awe. I can’t believe you even helped me put my shoes on before the wedding. I was such a basket-case. We are still hearing about what an amazing time everyone had. If we can save up the fund, we’ll be back! We really can’t thank you enough.”

Vista Verde Guest Ranch Luxury Vacation Colorado
Katherine & Ray, Las Vegas, NV

“It’s Sunday morning and we are starting our drive back home. We’ve had the most fun talking about our incredible week that we spent with all of you. The memories we have will be with us always.”

Vista Verde Guest Ranch Luxury Vacation Colorado
Nanette & Doug Dahlstrom, Castle Rock, CO

“We are certain you have heard this all before, but we feel the need to let you know that our actual Vista Verde experience far exceeded any expectations we had envisioned. The beautiful scenery, the absolutely wonderful staff, the entertainment, the unbelievable meals, the first-rate accommodations, the homey, comfortable atmosphere, your attention to detail all combined to make this the most memorable escape we have ever had!”

Vista Verde Guest Ranch Luxury Vacation Colorado
Barb & Mike McCabe, Syracuse, NY

“It is difficult to put into words how you touched our lives over the recent Christmas holiday. When Michele and I decided to take a different approach to the Christmas holiday and seek memories rather than goods and presents, we thought a winter dude ranch might be just the place. I guess at this point we might be considered dude ranch veterans, having vacationed at a number of other ranches in Colorado and Texas. However we are not winter people and have never skied. We are city slickers from the warm Dallas climate who love horses and the ranch way of life. After lots of questions and patient correspondence, Steph convinced us to take a chance on the winter (Christmas) program at Vista Verde. Somehow Michele and I were able to keep it a secret until 24 hours prior to departure. When we announced that we were headed to Colorado for a white Christmas – there was a mix of excitement and hesitation among the kids – what would Christmas morning be like without our Christmas tree and presents?

From the minute we arrived, everything we needed was expertly handled by all of you and the staff. Every expectation that we had around attentive service, world-class food (thanks Jonathon!), numerous activities, wonderful accommodations and the idyllic setting were easily met and surpassed. However, it was all of you and your colleagues that created an experience for us that changed a great trip into an experience that will be remembered by all of us for our entire lives – a true Christmas memory. Michele, Zach, Dylan and Isabelle each experienced things they could never have imagined – a newfound love of cross country skiing, a back country tour down the Elk River, a Christmas morning sleigh ride across fresh snow, a horseback ride through snowy woods, a cherished new friend, – too many experiences to list them all. For me, my life is dedicated to this family and I cherish family experiences and memories – you created an unmatched experience to share humanity, nature and each other.

All of you (and mother nature) allowed Michele and I to use the resources with which we have been blessed to stress the importance of family, to reinforce the values that are truly important and to really enjoy nature, good people and family during a holiday that should celebrate all three.”

Vista Verde Guest Ranch Luxury Vacation Colorado
Michele and David Hernandez, Coppell, TX

“Muffie and I needed a Thesaurus so that we could find more superlative words for this fabulous experience”

Vista Verde Guest Ranch Luxury Vacation Colorado
Rob Dretler, Atlanta, GA

“Our family can’t praise you enough for making us feel so at home and comfortable. Vista Verde certainly stands tall. The variety of available activities and programs, the quality and enthusiasm of all the staff, the comfort of the cabins and rooms, the excellence of the food and wine, and the beauty of the countryside all add up to a ranch of unparalleled excellence. You all deserve praise for running such a first-class resort!”

Vista Verde Guest Ranch Luxury Vacation Colorado
Nancy & Joe Schmitt, Pittsburgh, PA

“Vista Verde exceeded our expectations in every way. You should be very proud of your entire organization. We have already rebooked for next June. Look forward to seeing you then.”

Vista Verde Guest Ranch Luxury Vacation Colorado
Sandy & Bruce Greenbaum, Boca Raton, FL

“My trip to Vista Verde had been planned 18 months in advance and it must have seemed longer to my friends and relatives who were reminded of it weekly. I was concerned that I would be let down by something that I dreamed of almost daily. But it was beyond my expectations in so many ways. Most notably, it was the people. I had not expected to be treated as a welcome friend. You make a lot of people happy and that is a wonderful thing. I’ll be back for the spring as soon as I can get my husband used to the idea.”

Trish Ura, Edina, MN

“We wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had at your ranch. The beauty of the land and facilities in the winter was picture perfect and beyond our expectations. Snow laden pines, cozy cabins and more amenities than we expected were just part of it. Little things like the great smelling soap, basket of goodies and the prepared wood stove were very nice touches. The rides into town and to and from the airport made our trip so much easier and carefree. Your amazing staff really makes your place shine. The smiles of the dining staff and the helpful activity planners made us feel special but at the same time, right at home. We also want to thank all the people who made arrangements for our activities each day. Everyone on your staff seems very intelligent and kind. You really did a great job of finding them! Of course, the food was fantastic and I am sure we gained a few pounds no matter how active we were! Thank you and please extend our thanks to your staff. I would say this was our most comfortable and enjoyable trip yet.”

Vista Verde Guest Ranch Luxury Vacation Colorado
Doreen and David Barker, Orlando, FL

“I want to compliment management for doing such a great job selecting and training the staff.  Without exception, everyone made us feel like we were their very favorite guests ever and that nothing could make them happier than to dote on us and satisfy our every need.  When we left, we felt like we were leaving behind 50 of our closest childhood friends and that is hard to achieve in less than a week.  You folks have a great thing going.”

Vista Verde Guest Ranch Luxury Vacation Colorado
Bobbie Sprader, Columbus, OH