What do I need to know?

Summer: Our summer season runs from mid-May through the end of September. Preference is given to those applicants able to show up mid-May and commit through the end of August and beyond.

Winter: Our winter season runs from mid-December through the end of March. Because we are in the hospitality business, we work when most others vacation. Therefore, all winter applicants must be available to work over the holiday season.

Personal Qualities: We are looking for upbeat and outgoing people with a high degree of integrity and character. Working at Vista Verde requires many long hours of hard work. To be successful, you must be willing to pitch in anywhere you may be needed. If you aren’t willing to do dishes, clean cabins, haul trash, pull weeds, shovel snow, or mop floors at some time, don’t bother to apply.

Age Requirements: Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, and preferably have at least one year of living away from home.

Alcohol: The legal drinking age in Colorado is 21. This applies at Vista Verde also. Staff of legal age may not drink before or while on duty. The use of any illegal drugs is forbidden at any time.

Appearance: Here at Vista Verde, we are a family vacation destination, and we aim to project a western image. Our staff are integral to this mission. Staff are expected to dress neatly with a western look or feel. We wear collared shirts always tucked in, belts in the belt loops, and closed-toe footwear. We’re not interested in seeing your t-shirts, cut-offs, or sandals. We should never see bare skin at your midriff, nor should your pants ride any lower than your waist. There are no skate parks near the ranch. No visible tattoos for anyone, and body piercings are limited to the ears of the women. For the men, we expect short to moderate haircuts and a clean-shaven look. If you feel you cannot adhere to these guidelines, we are not the place for you.

Compensation: Our compensation package consists of a base hourly rate and an equitable share of the tip pool. Because we believe every staff member contributes equally to the overall guest experience, the tip share for all staff members is also equal. There is no extra financial benefit for working in one position or another.

Facilities: In Sweetheart’s Parlor are two televisions with satellite service, VCR’s, and a DVD player. Elsewhere on the ranch are a basketball hoop, horseshoe pit, and mountain bikes for staff use. There is also a small weight room with exercise equipment available for staff use as well. Keep in mind that guests always have first choice on programming and equipment.

Housing: Housing is bunkhouse style. Unfortunately, we don’t have any housing suitable for married couples, nor is it possible to have any private housing. It is imperative you respect the space and belongings of your roommates. Bed linens, pillows, and towels are provided. Storage space is very limited, so please pack appropriately. We will supply a suggested gear list to new employees.

Laundry: Laundry facilities are available at no charge to staff. Laundry detergent is provided. Guest laundry facilities are strictly off-limits for staff use.

Personal Vehicles: Vista Verde Ranch is located approximately 25 miles from Steamboat Springs and Steamboat Resorts. Staff are welcome to bring a vehicle to the ranch, and about half our staff do just that. However, vehicles must be parked in designated staff parking areas, and special arrangements need to be made for trailers.

Pets: Pets are not allowed.

Ranch Equipment and Horses: Ranch equipment (vehicles, snowmobiles, tools, etc.) and horses are strictly off limits for personal use. Staff are welcome to join guest rides on their time off, provided we have enough space in the ride, and the riding ability of the staff member matches or exceeds that of our guests.

Telephones/Communication: We currently provide free long distance phone service for staff. There is one telephone line dedicated to staff use, and there is wireless internet access.   Business and guest telephone lines and computers are strictly off-limits. Due to our secluded location, cell phone coverage is poor at the ranch.

Tobacco: We ask our staff to refrain from the use of tobacco products. Our aim is to have a professional and family friendly environment. Since the majority of our guests are very recreational and health conscientious ? we desire that our staff model this too.

Equal Opportunity: Vista Verde Ranch is an equal opportunity employer and equal opportunity service provider.