Bring Your Family for a Winter Vacation at Vista Verde

Kids are like puppies when it comes to playing in the snow.  So, this year bring your pups to Vista Verde Ranch for a truly unique Colorado winter vacation!

Your family will be able to take advantage of the diverse offering of activities from sleigh rides to sledding to snowshoeing and back country skiing.  Each day it’s up to you whether you are trying an adventure together as a family or splitting up and enjoying your own experiences.  The kids program provides a safe and fun launching pad for the kids to experience ranch activities while you take off to explore your own pursuits.  At meal times you can laugh and share stories of the day’s exploits before heading home to your cozy cabin and the awaiting bubbling hot tub under the stars.

A winter family vacation is a mom’s dream come true!  No worrying about meals.  We have 3 meals a day ready for you, and special dietary needs are accommodated.  No planning needed.  You just tell us the night before what you want to do the next day and we’ll make it happen.  No stress about whether your kids are safe.  Vista Verde sits on 600 acres and is surrounded by National Forest.  It’s like a classic small town with everyone looking out for each other and the kids.  They can enjoy a freedom not often experienced in this day and age.  And, it’s easy to budget for a Vista Verde vacation with our all-inclusive packages.

Ready to explore a new idea for winter vacations?  All you need is a sense of adventure and some snow clothes and we’ll make it a vacation to remember!

Christmas and New Years: Ditch the stress of the holidays by escaping to Vista Verde for the week.  Traditional Christmas festivities include caroling, sleigh rides, and a huge feast on Christmas Day.  New Years is made special with the ranch’s annual Cowboy New Year celebration including a barn party for the kids, wine pairing dinner for the adults, and barn dance for the whole family afterwards.

President’s Day Week and Spring Break: Escape from the crowds to the quiet haven of “Vista Blanca.” Stay 3 nights or stay a week, it’s up to you this time of year.  Click here for more information on Spring Break vacations at Vista Verde.