Bring your Family to Vista Verde This Summer

Do you remember when kids used to be able to just run free? Maybe some kids get to do this still, but most kids these days don’t get to just head out the door and disappear into the woods or down to the park without constant supervision. At Vista Verde Ranch, you can step back in time as your kids freely explore the outdoor world. The moment it hits you that you have no idea where your kid is, but then realize that you’re not worried, it’s real. You’ve settled in to your ranch home.

We’ve had new staff ask us if it’s normal for kids to cry when it’s time to leave the ranch. Well, after decades of seeing the same thing, our answer is yes. For kids, they relish the freedom, the contact with natural world, the connection with the animals, and the bond they form with each other and our engaged staff. And you? At Vista Verde, parents get to relax, enjoy some kid-free adventures, but also immerse themselves in the dude ranch lifestyle with their kids and create amazing memories together.

A family dude ranch vacation at Vista Verde gives parents the best of both worlds. With the engaging kids, tween, and teen programs, your kids get to spread their wings under the supervision of well-trained and kid-loving wranglers. Each day, families can choose to participate in activities together, or split up and go different directions. Most meals are enjoyed together, but we set aside a few special nights for the adults to be treated to a white linen, multi-course culinary experience. The kids would rather grab a quick bite and head out for some fun before meeting up with their folks- filthy, exhausted, and ready to sleep like a baby.

Come join us for a family vacation that you’ll never forget! But, a word of caution….it can be a bit addicting. And we assume no financial responsibility for any further expenses related to riding lessons, new mountain bikes, fishing rods, or horses following your visit.