Winter time Kids Program

Kids are like puppies in the snow.  They jump in it, the roll in it, they eat it, and they seem to never get cold!

A family snow vacation at Vista Verde means quality time together, sharing new experiences, creating memories, but also some time for Mom and Dad to relax and recharge on their own.  The engaging kids program is for children 6-12 years old, and we will wear them out!  From tubing to riding horses to snow shoeing to just playing in the snow: we get them outside and keep them going all day long.

Each day brings a new adventure for the kids, and after having breakfast with you, they can run on over to the Kids Hut to meet up with the Kid Wranglers for the morning.  After a fun-filled morning they will meet up with you again for lunch, and then off they go again until later in the afternoon.  Although we do encourage families to participate in activities together, we know the allure of the fun to be had with the other kids is a strong pull.  But, what a great problem to have!

Some evenings are together as a family with casual meals and evening programs.  On other evenings we have what we call a “formal dinner” for the adults and the Dine ‘n Dash dinner for the kids.  Parents can enjoy a quiet meal with a nice glass of wine and other adult conversation while the kids have a quicker, more kid friendly dinner and then head off for a fun activity.

Teens are welcome to join the kids program any day, and for any of the Dine ‘n Dash meals.  There is not a formal teen program during the winter months, but we invite them into the fun, whether with the adults or the kids.