Kids and Teens

Winter Program for Kids & Teens

Kids Program

Families and dude ranch vacations go hand in hand. But the fun doesn’t stop when the aspens lose their leaves! At Vista Verde, our reputation for an excellent kid’s program continues in the winter months. During the Holidays, Presidents week and in March, our kids program comes back to life with a multitude of fun winter activities.

Of course, as you’re here to spend time with your family, it’s also nice to have activities that are family-friendly. Our wranglers will take you all out on a horseback ride around the snow-covered ranch. You can get great pictures of the kids throwing our hay to the hungry horses as you ride on the sleigh at feeding time. Our one-horse sleigh is just the right size for a family so off you’ll go into the woods for a scenic ride complete with jingle bells. The kids usually can’t ski as far as the adults, but our ski guides will lead you all on a short trip into the backcountry that’s just the right length of time to have some fun and get the kids to sleep well that night! Dog sledding, snowmobiling and downhill skiing can all be arranged for the whole family, or just those who are seeking a little adventure away from the ranch.

As in the summer, we offer some unique programs for the youngster set to get the most out of their Colorado winter vacation.

While you’re off enjoying a peaceful morning on skis, the kids are tearing around building a snowman. Later in the day, you can relax in the hot tub reading a book while they take on the sledding hill, build an igloo or engage the kid wranglers in a ferocious snowball fight. The kid wranglers might take the kids on a snowshoe trip out to Homestead cabin to roast marshmallows or just go for a little “kid length” ski around the ranch.

Teen Times

Most teens like to think that they are way too cool to partake in any of the activities that the kids do. But it’s funny, once we get them out on the sledding hill, they forget that they are that cool! Sledding seems to be the most popular activity for the teens. Having a snowmobile with a driver to pull them back up the hill each time doesn’t hurt as that ride itself it pretty fun. Although we don’t have a dedicated Teen Program in the winter months, we are happy to include them in activities with you or some of the other teens, or they can jump in with the kids.

At the end of the day, after as much family time as you can fit into daylight hours, the adults settle down to a candlelit, gourmet dinner while the kids and teens have their Dine and Dash dinner complete with activities afterwards. They’ll meet up with you when you’re done with your dinner to enjoy the evening entertainment. A few nights a week we enjoy a family style casual dinner, so you can recount your adventures over the dinner table. Then, bundle them up, lead them off into the night toward the sparkling lights of your cabin where they will sleep (pardon the cliché) like babies. And so will you until the next dawn breaks over the quiet, snowy ranch. And maybe this day it will be you having the snowball fight?