Most people think that when they go dog sledding they will sit in a sled and watch the world go by.  That’s not quite how it goes here with our great dog sledding outfitter!  These folks will teach you the basics of driving your team, introduce you to your dogs, get you set up on your sled, and then…release the hounds!  While it may seem wild and crazy, it’s not.  The dogs are very well trained, and they know their job.  The guides are professional and safety conscious and they spend the whole trip keeping tabs on you while riding their snow machines along the course.  Halfway through the trip you and your passenger can swap out for the second half of the two hour tour.

The outfitter is located about an hour from the ranch, and this trip is an additional cost.  Can you say bucket list? It has been an experience of a lifetime for many of our adventurous guests.