Wild Yoga & Winter Yoga

Whether you are new to yoga, or have a regular practice, stepping onto the mat at Vista Verde will give you a chance to stretch out sore muscles and quiet your mind.

During the summer and autumn months you can take your yoga practice out into nature! Take a short hike out or hop on a horse for a easy ride out to our Wild Yoga hideout.  Twice a week, Devyn leads guests through an hour long practice while the aspens rustle overhead. It’s an all-levels class so beginners are welcome to give yoga a try, and experienced yogis will enjoy the unique setting. Tree pose never seemed so relevant until you’re doing it in a grove of trees.

In the winter months, although it might be beautiful to practice out in the snowy woods, it’s not quite practical or comfortable, so we bring the yoga classes inside where it’s warm and cozy.  Devyn’s twice weekly classes give guests a chance to take a break from being outside in the snow and to stretch out those skiing, snow shoeing, and horseback riding muscles that aren’t used in normal life.