Paddleboarding in the Mountains?

Enjoy the mountain vistas from atop a stand up paddle board on a high alpine lake.  It can be as serene as just relaxing on the board on the lake, or you can get a full body workout while paddling from one end to the other.

Whether you’re looking for a way to get out on the water to cool off, or just want a relaxing break from the saddle, paddle boarding is a perfect compliment to your ranch vacation.  We load up the Hala boards onto our trailer, and head to Pearl Lake or Steamboat Lake for an afternoon on the water.  The views are pristine, and you can make of it what you want.

June, July, and August are prime months for getting out on the paddle boards with warmer temps during the day.  By October, the same crisp mountain temps that make cozying up by the fire more appealing also make paddle boarding a bit too cool to enjoy.