Kids, Tweens, and Teens Love Vista Verde Ranch

The kid, tween and teen programs are set up to give each age group an experience tailored to their maturity level.  Roughly based around the US school breakdown of elementary school (K-5), middle school (6-8) and high school (9-12) the age breakdowns for the kids program are 6-10, the tweens are 11-13, and the teens are 14-17.


As you take your first deep sigh of your stay, your kids may have already taken off to explore the ranch.  When was the last time you were able to just let them run free, without concern, like you may have done when you were a kid?  At Vista Verde, kids and parents can relish in a sense of comfort, knowing they are safe and free, all at the same time.

At Vista Verde, the goal of our kids program is to provide a safe and engaging program that lures kids in, but also allows families to take time to enjoy activities together.  Our kids program typically runs from about 9:30-12:00 and then 2:00-4:00 each day, so you can get out on your own adventures.  Breakfast and lunch are always served as a family.  Some evenings our kid wranglers host the Dine and Dash dinner, followed by activities, so you may enjoy a quiet dinner with adult conversation.  And some evenings we all dine together as families.

The kid wranglers at Vista Verde are made up of college age, clean cut young people with strong values.  These are the kinds of people who you want to be role models for your kids, and they have a strong impact on many of our young guests, who find themselves crying as they say goodbye at the end of their stay.

What will your kids be doing during the week in the kids program?  Among other activities, they start off the week with a riding orientation in order to get to know their horse and acquire a level of comfort in the arena, before heading out on the trail.  As we are a ranch, there are many opportunities for the kids to ride, but we also get them to enjoy the West in different ways.  A ride to the Clark store on our antique fire truck for ice cream, racing through the low ropes course, scavenger hunts, panning for gold, visiting the foals, and many more adventures await your little ones.


They aren’t really yet teenagers but they are more mature than kids and therefore the Tweens get to have their own program.

Taking the most favorite activities from the kids and teen programs, the tween program is the best of both worlds.  A little more independence while still being kept safe and finding fun in every adventure, the tweens get to flex their big kid muscles with more advanced riding options, some more adventurous outings, and just enough cool mixed in with a little bit of childlike fun.

Your tween will explore the trails on horseback, learn more skills in horsemanship clinics, herd cows, paddle board at a nearby lake, have a late-night cookout, and take an evening ride on the antique fire truck for dinner by the river.  And there is so much more in the works for them!


While teens may be a bit more of a fickle breed, our teen wranglers are about as cool and savvy to drawing them out as you can get.  Just like the kid wranglers, these folks are the kind of people you want your teen to look to as role models, and what an important age to have great role models!

While the kids are off on their own adventures, the teens are drawn into a program that mimics many of the adult activities, but tailored more to a teen’s mindset.  In addition, there are several events that are teen specific, such as the teen overnight camp out, that are designed to develop the friendships that form among the teens and the teen wranglers.  Always under the watchful eye of the teen wranglers, the teens get to explore their Western vacation without technology following them every step of the way.  And, they find out that it’s ok to be unplugged!