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Baby Update

Several of you have asked for an update on the foals so I finally took some time to go down and shoot some photos of them yesterday. They aren’t little babies anymore! It was so much fun to love on them, hug them, kiss them and get followed around the pasture trying to get the photos. It’s not easy to shoot a foal when they want to be right next to you. All of them are so friendly from the guests working with them this summer. And they are calm and relaxed, so I know they will make great guest ranch horses in a couple years for all of you!

The foals get another month or so to grow, play and hang out with their moms. Then, sometime around Thanksgiving, they will be weaned from their moms and Terry will take them down to his ranch on the other side of the mountains where they will spend the winter where there is less snow as it is a little harder to feed a growing adolescent at our Colorado winter resort. All of the moms except Mary Jane are in foal again (horse term for pregnant) and will be expecting early next summer. Our new stallion Whiskey will be the proud papa of all the foals next year and we’re excited to see his first foals.

So, I have a little challenge for those of you. Can you match the foal to the mom? I’ll post the challenge on our Facebook page to see who gets it right first!

A Cabin in the Woods

Yesterday we hitched up the team and slapped on the skis for a trial run through a new addition to our winter program- Lunch at the Homestead cabin. We will serve lunch out at the old Homestead cabin once a week this winter for all our guests. So the staff got to be our guinea pigs this time around to make sure we didn’t have any unexpected snafoos in the plan. It was beautiful out there with all the new snow we’ve received, and the food was delicious compliments to Chef Rob and his crew. If you’re joining us this winter, we’ll look forward to sharing this fun experience with you!

He wants an Adventure and She wants a Luxury Getaway

Trying to plan a romantic yet fun getaway with your special someone? But the challenge comes when you want a romantic luxury resort and he wants an active wild adventure. How could you possibly accomodate both of you in one trip??

Vista Verde Guest Ranch has the perfect balance of the two. As a luxury guest ranch we offer the adventures and exciting experiences all nestled in the romantic mountains of Colorado.

During the summer he can enjoy white-water rafting, guided fly fishing and mountain biking while you enjoy peaceful trail rides, a massage or a cooking class with our executive chef!  By meeting with our guides and wranglers before you take off on your excursions each day, they determine your destination and your path all right then and there while talking to you, tailoring and creating exactly the experience you are looking for. You can choose to go off  with a wrangler for a scenic trail ride, while he learns the ropes on a mountain bike in our terrain park. Or take turns with eachothers favorite activities and do them all together! It’s your choice at this romantic all inclusive resort .

In the evenings we all enjoy live music, barn dances, or a relaxing dessert on the deck. After the long days, snuggling up in the cabins or your own private hot tub are the perfect way to catch up on the activities you did and your favorite parts of the day. By taking advantage of the many activities that we have to offer you are sure to enjoy all of the experiences that both you and your other half are looking for.

It is the perfect place to take some time away to just enjoy eachother, the beautiful Colorado scenery and share new experiences together. From our formal coursed dinners with wine service to the family style lunches with staff we offer every end of the spectrum. We give our guests a down home comfortable and relaxed environment all while maintaining our AAA Four Diamond status.