Vista Verde in the News

Sunday Evening Post – June 2019

This article popped up on our radar the same week we had two multi-generational families vacationing at the ranch with us, so it felt very timely!  Check out this article called “Multi-Generational Travel: Tips and Trips that Will Please All Ages” and see the great options they included with, of course, a dude ranch vacation at Vista Verde being one of them!  Read the article….

Travel Awaits – June 2019

There are so many great dude ranches in the US that we were surprised and honored to be included in this article about 10 great US dude ranches that are fun for the whole family.  One of the hallmarks of a Vista Verde Ranch vacation is that we try to make it so there is something for everyone in the family so all can have fun on their trip.  This article highlights that, as well as showcasing some other great dude ranches.  Read the article…

Dating Advice – June 2019

Vista Verde Guest Ranch has earned the Editor’s Choice Award as a top romantic destination from  They start out the article, “In such a digitally connected society, it’s nice to go somewhere you and your special someone can get away from it all. The team at Vista Verde Guest Ranch in Colorado takes pride in helping couples unplug and unwind. Whether you choose to visit in the winter or summer, the ranch offers many outdoor activities, and it’s a wonderful setting for proposing, eloping, or honeymooning.”  Read the article….

Red Tricycle – May 2019

When the other destinations in an article about the best family vacations that are worth the money include Indonesia, Aruba, and South Africa, it is pretty humbling indeed.  Yet, here we are as part of the section about Colorado family vacations.  It’s a great reminder to all of us who live here that we are lucky folks, and what a treat to share this place with families all summer long!  Read the article….

Martha Stewart Weddings

According to Martha Stewart Weddings “You don’t have to be an outdoorsy couple to appreciate the purpose of an escape to the great outdoors. In fact, when you take a moment to consider how bogged down you are in the digital world, you’ll probably see just how necessary it is to get outside and unplug. There’s no better time to do just that than your honeymoon.” We couldn’t agree more, and we love having honeymooners come to Vista Verde to unplug and celebrate!  Read the article…

Far & Wide – May 2019

Sometimes the pinnacle destinations overwhelm the lesser known options, and it can be hard to find unique spots to explore that aren’t where everyone else is going to for their vacations.  This article by Sarah Kuta in Far & Wide gives some great options for travelers looking for a special summer vacation that isn’t packed with other tourists.  Steamboat Springs made the list, and we got a shout out to visit Vista Verde as a way to truly take in the Western vibe that makes Steamboat unique.  Read the article….

Cookshack E-Newsletter – April 2019

Chef Chol recently passed along to me this email newsletter from Cookshack, the company who makes our smoker.  It was a great surprise to see the write up all about Vista Verde and Chol’s testimonial for the smoker.  Hey, it’s about to be BBQ season, so this gets us excited for summertime!  Because the link may not last for too long, here is the write-up below:

Testimonial by Food & Beverage Director, Chol McGlynn with Vista Verde Ranch

Vista Verde Ranch has been around since it was homesteaded in 1916 and then established as a guest ranch in 1975. It is located just north of scenic Steamboat Springs in Clark Colorado nestled within the Routt National Forest. Since its beginning, Vista Verde Ranch has seen a few owners come and go, each one leaving their mark and leaving the ranch a better place; growing it into a AAA Four Diamond Award Recipient as an all-inclusive luxury guest dude ranch. The ranch features a lodge with 3 rooms and free standing 1-3 bedroom log cabins with private decks and hot tubs. The cabins are stocked with snacks but all meals are served in the informal dining room. Along with horseback riding and a seasonal outdoor pool, the ranch offers biking, fishing, hiking, and cross-country skiing.

Seventeen years ago when Chol McGlynn took the position as Food and Beverage Director at Vista Verde ranch, he inherited the Cookshack Model 105 Smoker Oven that was built in 1994 (current model is the SM160). They use the smoker every day to smoke ribs, brisket, pork butt, fish, butter, and vegetables. Chol specifically likes the easy control system of the Model 105 and how it allows them to smoke and serve all kinds of food for their guests. “Not all places have a smoker, guests love the food that comes from it.” Chol’s favorite recipe to cook and serve to guests are ribs with a simple dry rub. “If only the rest of our kitchen equipment were as dependable and trouble-free as our Cookshack Smoker!”

Travel Boulder – March 2019

It can be hard to explain Vista Verde to people who haven’t been here before.  It’s luxury, but it’s not stuffy.  How do you paint that picture for potential guests?  Well, I now have some words to use after reading this article in Travel Boulder.

“You can find plenty of opportunities to connect with horses at Vista Verde Ranch, an all-inclusive dude ranch that will make you feel like you’re roughin’ it like a cowboy — but not too rough. The 540-acre ranch is a picture of rugged luxury — it’s elegant without being pretentious, but comfy and cozy at the same time. You won’t feel like a visitor at all, with the ranch hands and other staff joining you at meal time and on game nights.”

Read the full article… – March 2019

After a day of outdoor adventure, using muscles you forgot you had, and playing in the snow, we think there is no better way to cap off your winter vacation than by soaking in a private hot tub while you watch the snow fall.  Journalist Sarah Kuta was thinking the same thing when she put together this article titled 11 Insanely Cozy Hot Tubs You’ll Want to Soak in ASAP.  Read the article….

The Forecast – March 2019

When Ariana Dickson reached out to us to ask if we would mind being included in her article for The Forecast titled 10 Unbelievable All-inclusive Resorts You’ll Never Want to Leave of course I said “Sure!”  But when I saw the final piece I realized quickly this is not your normal all-inclusive resort round-up.  In fact, I just added a number of new destinations to my bucket list!  If you’re looking for a really unique vacation destination, then check out this article!  We would recommend #7 as the best option!  Read the article….

Rocky Mountain Bride – March 2019

Laura from Rocky Mountain Bride says it best when she writes, “While many newlyweds will opt for a getaway in the Caribbean during the winter months, let us fill you on a hidden gem located just north of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Vista Verde Ranch, a luxurious ranch resort, offers the perfect balance of romance and excitement. It’s the perfect honeymoon destination for those adventurous at heart.”

We couldn’t agree more, and have enjoyed having so many honeymoon couples come to the ranch this winter to celebrate their recent marriage.  It is so much fun to offer a different way to honeymoon for these couples!  Read the article…

Mic – February 2019

Over at Mic they had this to say: “March is famously known for being Spring Break month — but students are hardly the only people who deserve a vacation. After all, particularly if you live in a winter climate, March is about that time when you probably feel the need to get away from home and treat yourself to something other than commuting to and from work in every warm layer you own.”  We are definitely getting a lot of calls from folks who would agree with this and are interested in having fun in the snow rather than having to deal with it on their commute!  Read the article….

Miami Student Magazine- February 2019

We spend a lot of time here sharing how fun it is to be at the ranch, the beauty of the place, and the fun personalities who make VVR so special. But, we don’t often pull back the curtain to reveal the WHY behind it all.. It’s very personal for all of us, and it’s what gets us excited about what we’re doing here. Deep down at the core of why we all work so hard to make VVR successful is the fact that it gives us a platform to help people grow and change. Life change comes in so many different forms, and we see it happening to people here all the time in different ways.

One of our staff from this past summer wrote this article that has moved us all tremendously. Thank you Julia for taking that leap of faith to come to VVR last summer, for pouring yourself into your work at the ranch, and for being open to learning how to live. Your story has given us all a charge to keep doing what we’re doing and we thank you.

Read the article….

Colorado Meetings + Events – February 2019

People typically think of dude ranch vacations as something for families, and now we seem to be on the radar for romantic getaways as well, and often times single travelers.  But, there’s another spin on the concept that is pointed out in this article from Colorado Meetings + Events –business retreats.  We’ve hosted some great ones over the years, and love providing a setting for businesses to get their people out of their busy lives, focused on their work and their relationships, and sharing new experiences together.  Read the article….

Trips To Discover – February 2019

This is the time of year when we are booking 3 seasons at the same time.  People are still planning their winter getaways for this winter, families are mapping out their summer family vacation options, and a few out there are thinking about the holidays in December and trying to get those decisions made sooner than later.  This is what leads to so many articles about vacation planning!  Here is the most recent one with the 10 Best Family-Friendly All-Inclusive Resorts in the United States.  Read the article…..

Trips 100 – January 2019

There are a lot of people with Valentine’s Day on their mind these days….it can be a bit daunting if you’re not a lover of Cupid’s special day.  We are big fans of romantic getaways at Vista Verde, because we think it’s a really special place to share time with the one you love.  But, that doesn’t have to be limited to Valentine’s day getaways.  Having said that, a group of travel bloggers put together a list of 14 Romantic Cities for Valentine’s Day and little ‘ol Steamboat Springs made the list!  Read the article…..

Women’s Health Magazine – January 2019

Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us quickly, but there is still time to plan a romantic getaway with your sweetheart.  And, keep in mind that you don’t have to limit your romantic getaways to only Valentine’s Day.  From Women’s Health Magazine here are the 13 Best Couples Retreats to Rekindle the Romance in your Relationship.  Beautiful snow, crackling fire, cozy sleigh ride, yep, we’ll deliver!  Read the article….