This week at the Ranch: Meet the Chefs

We had two very talented Chef de Cuisines join us this spring, and Chef Chol has been busy getting them dialed into how we do things here at VVR and creating new menus so they are ready to go when our staff arrive for orientation. Meet David and Tanner:

David Lossing has been in love with cooking and all things culinary since the age of 16. Over the past 17 years in the business, he has found a way to incorporate his love of travel into his profession. At the age of 18, David traveled up to Alaska and worked his first National Park concession. Working there under the talented chef and sous-chef, he was able to learn a lot about seafood and North West cuisine. With a healthy appetite for travel, David has since worked in Sequoia National Park, Death Valley National Park, Olympic National Park, San Francisco, and the BWCA in northern Minnesota–his home state. The experience working in a multitude of kitchens under many different chefs and in many different situations has shaped him and set him up to take on the Chef de Cuisine role at VVR. David looks forward to hiking, fishing, camping, and working alongside the talented culinary team here at Vista Verde.

Tanner Price is a Colorado native coming back home to land in the mountains. He has spent nearly 15 years in professional kitchens learning and exploring a multitude of concepts. Tanner’s true love for food began when he became a saucier at the age of 17, making 36 sauces or soups per week. This introduction to the culinary arts lent itself to the discovery of many international cuisines. Anthony Bourdain has been a great influence of his and, as a writer, traveler, and chef, Tanner strives to explore, dream, and discover BIG. Tanner recollects an Italian food guide once telling him, “There are two types of people in the world, family and those we haven’t eaten with yet”. In that spirit he looks forward to creating, cooking, and becoming part of the family here at Vista Verde. Make sure to ask him about his involvement in Camp to Belong, a passion of his.