Dude Ranch Life: Simms’ Summits

We are constantly trying to find the balance between giving our guests the best possible experience and keeping this special place sustainable for years to come. With this in mind, Ben Simms brought a new idea to the table for our guests this past winter, and it was the highlight of many guests’ stays.  Dubbed the Epic Tour, it was a combo snowmobile and ski tour.  Using snowmobiles, the guides were able to design trips to access areas of the backcountry we weren’t able to explore on skis alone. Once the skiing was over, guests still had the ability to see tons of terrain via snowmobile or to try their hand at playing in the powder.

Looking towards summer, Ben has crafted an Epic Experience for our summer guests that involves packing up tents and sleeping bags and heading out for an overnight stay deep in the backcountry.  This is the real deal, with a vigorous hike carrying packs, dinner, and stories as the sun drops behind the peaks, and a night listening to the rhythms of nature.  Due to the Epic nature of these trips, the numbers are limited and there is an additional cost.  Ben and his Adventure Center crew are excited to share this Epic Experience with those looking to take their vacation to the next level.