Dude Ranch Life: Chef’s Corner

Transitions are a key part of ranch life, and this spring we say goodbye to Jason Monahan who has been a key player in our kitchen the past few years. Looking forward Chef Chol is excited to add two new highly talented chefs to the roster this Spring. These guys both bring a wealth of talent and great enthusiasm, which Chol is excited to capitalize on for new ideas and creative dishes.

Along with the new talent, Chol has been busy working with Bill on the design for a kitchen expansion later in the year, as the culinary program and talent have outgrown our current design.

Chol’s plate is full indeed, pun intended, but he still finds time to work with his crew to discover new vendors so we can offer locally sourced options for our guests. We’re loving the addition of eggs from Hayden Fresh Farm already, and he has some interesting produce options he’s trying out right now as well.