Dude Ranch Life: The Vendors Behind the Scenes

While we not shy to give our staff props for being such wonderful folks, we don’t typically point out all the people behind the behind the scenes who are an integral part of making the wheels on the bus go round and round here at Vista Verde.  This past week it struck me that there are a lot of great people out there working and rooting for the ranch who don’t get to spend time with our guests and reap the rewards of seeing folks having a great time on their vacations.

What really got me thinking about this is an email I got from Andrew Bisbee of Bisbee Creative, who does our graphic design work and just finished helping us create our new brochure.  He is so committed to making sure our message is being delivered well that he drove all the way to Denver in winter conditions to monitor the printing of the brochures, despite me telling him not to go through all that effort for us.  Nonetheless he did it.  It’s inspiring to work with professionals who are committed to quality in what they do, and who take care of us in such an excellent way so we can focus on doing what we do as well as possible.

I also met some of our vendors while down in Colorado Springs at the Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association Spring convention.  Yes, dude ranchers have conventions.  From the couple at Mountain Arts Pottery who make that gorgeous pottery we have in the dining room (you have to love those blue mugs, right!?) to the cowboy who makes the chaps that our wranglers appreciate so much when they are riding through trees, brush, and chasing cows, these folks all contribute to the ranch’s success.

There isn’t enough time left today for me to go through the longer list of deserving vendors, but here’s a general shout out to all the people who help us do our jobs and who care about the product we’re delivering to our guests here at the ranch.   We couldn’t do it without you!!