Insider Tips: Winter Boots

Going on a wintery guest ranch vacation full of unknowns brings lots of questions to mind. What dessert will they serve Saturday at lunch? What temperature do they keep the hot tubs? And what the heck kind of boots should I bring? All are thoughts that drift by as you stare off from your desk at work, dreaming of your upcoming escape to paradise. Okay, maybe you’re not too worried about the first two, but I bet the third question has been on your mind. Deciding which boots to bring is complicated. Because of the wide array of activities we offer here, an entire suitcase of different boots and shoes could be brought, and all effectively worn during a week stay. However, before you pay for that extra checked bag, let us help you whittle that number down to something more reasonable. Here are the 3 best types of boots to bring to the ranch for your vacation.

1. Snow boots:

These will work wonders when walking between the lodge, cabin, and activities center during your stay no matter how much snow we get. They are the perfect boot for tubing, ice fishing, and even snowshoeing. You should look for something with good insulation and an aggressive tread, and they definitely need to be waterproof. Some good brands are: Sorel, Muck/Bogs, and Columbia.

2. Cowboy boots:

Cowboy boots will help you fit right in around the ranch and at barn dance and music night. They are also great for any horse riding you do; they can also be a great piece of footwear for dinners here. Be aware, cowboy boots tend to have little to no traction and can be slick on our snowy walkways. Many people will wear their other shoes down to the lodge while carrying their boots, then put them on inside. Some good brands are: Ariat, Lucchese, and Justins. Keep in mind that we do have a selection of boots down at the indoor arena to borrow for the horsemanship clinics, if that is preferable to you.

3. Hiking boots:

A good pair of hiking boots is never a bad option. These are a good all-around pair of shoes for winter on a ranch. They can be worn hiking, ice fishing, tubing, snowshoeing, walking around the ranch, and even while dancing or to meals. Though they won’t be as warm as full-on snow boots, or as stylish/ easy to dance in as cowboy boots, they are a good all-around option. Look for pairs with aggressive tread that are waterproof. Some good brands are: Merrell, Salomon, Lowa, and La Sportiva.

If you don’t have some sort of snow-friendly boot and can’t imagine yourself purchasing a pair, you can always rent our overboots at the ranch. We don’t have a full stock for every guest, but we do have a simple size run of these hefty overboots that can fit over your normal shoes to keep your feet warm and dry while out playing in the snow. These overboots are available for $10/day or $50 for the week.

Now back to dreaming about your upcoming winter vacation…. snow falling, horses neighing, the hot tub bubbling, and the bacon sizzling.