Dude Ranch Life: The Spreadsheet

I admit it. I’m a spreadsheet person. Besides the obvious uses, such as budgeting and task management, I use them for everything from horse shopping to Christmas lists to event planning. So, it has come to no surprise to me over the years that a lot of people create spreadsheets as they research vacation options. There is so much to take into consideration, and it can be like comparing apples to oranges as you attempt to sort through all the options. So, of course you’d use a spreadsheet, right? Some of you likely think I’m nuts, and others are nodding your heads in agreement. I thought it would be fun to collect spreadsheets from those who have created them as they plan for their ranch vacations and have them available for others to utilize. Because, although it’s fun to create a spreadsheet if you’re a geek like me, most of us are not searching hard to find things to fill up our time! If you have one of those ranch vacation planning spreadsheets that you’d be willing to share, send it along to me by replying to the e-newsletter that linked you to this post,¬†and I’ll get them all up online to share with other travelers.