New Programs for Winter Vacation Guests

Every year we look for ways to freshen up our programs and add value for our guests. This year we have two activities we’re excited to add to our winter program. Following in the footsteps of the ever-popular Wild Yoga in the summer, where we ride horses out to an aspen grove for an all-levels yoga class, we are adding Snoga. Never fear, we are not going to try to make you all try to practice yoga out in the snow in freezing temps! Instead, Devyn will guide guests on snowshoes for a short hike in the snow out to the Homestead cabin, where a cozy fire and yoga mats will be ready to go for an all-levels yoga class. Following the class and a cup of tea, we’ll all bundle back up for the snowshoe hike home.

If you’re looking to get outside, but don’t want to exert much energy, give Ice Fishing a try this winter. Instead of closing the fly shop for the winter, Isaac has geared it up with all the equipment needed to head out onto a frozen lake for ice fishing with our guests. It’s a great way to see some beautiful winter scenery, and after a short walk on the ice out to a heated shelter, you can either drill your own fishing hole, or watch the pro do it. Then grab one of the comfortable chairs, pour yourself a hot cup of cocoa or coffee, and watch the fish come up to your line through an underwater camera.