Dude Ranch Life- Saying Goodbye

The end of every season is a time of transition for our staff. Our seasonal crew members who will be returning the next season either head off to visit family or go explore the world. Other seasonal staff members move on to their next venture. And then we have the natural flow of ranch leaders who take their careers to the next stage. This fall we say goodbye to some amazing people, while we look forward to meeting the new crew in December. With a staff of 70, it’s hard to single out anyone, but those who have been with us for a while or have played critical roles come to mind. Natalie, Kylie, and Courtney have all worn many hats at the ranch over the past several seasons and always made the job fun. Natalie will be meeting up with Ben Yoder Henley in Minnesota, Courtney is heading back to school, and Kylie has booked herself a one-way ticket to New Zealand! Maggie has been Devyn’s right-hand in the office, and she was responsible for bringing Mat to the ranch as well. They head off to Florida where Maggie just accepted the career job she’s been working towards, and Mat will put his teaching degree to work. Emily ran the dining room with humor and a commitment to excellence, and she’s heading back to Texas where it doesn’t snow for 6 months at a time. Liz has helped care for the horses so well and is now taking what she learned at the ranch and will expand on that by being a vet tech in Steamboat. Roxy worked at the ranch 20 years ago, and when she was looking to make a major life change, she came back to the ranch to help her get that started. She provided so much more than just running housekeeping like the pro she is, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that she’ll return to VVR after a stint in Uganda with the Peace Corps. Lastly, KP has made the tough decision to pursue his cowboy dreams and will be moving down the road to a cattle operation to be a cowman. We will sure miss his musical talent and amazing horsemanship skills. There are always so many goodbyes at the end of each season, but it’s our business model to get exceptional people to come to the ranch to learn to become better leaders so they can go off into the world and pay it forward. That is what makes the goodbyes happy ones instead of sad ones. We wish these folks, and the many others who have made VVR their home this year, all the best and look forward to hearing how they are becoming strong leaders in the world!