Vacation with the Griswolds – February 2018


January was the month of radio interviews for the ranch.  We were asked by two different blog radio shows to chat with them about Vista Verde.  It was fun to chat with both hosts, and I got a little insight into the world of blog radio shows.  Both of the hosts were intrigued to learn about dude ranch vacations, and it was fun to explain to their listeners how a luxury ranch vacation is quite different than what people remember from the movie “City Slickers.”  In addition, opening up their eyes to winter ranch vacations brought on a lot of questions about what you can do at a ranch in the winter months.  I had a ton of fun chatting with Steve and Lisa Griswold from Vacation with the Griswolds and am hoping they come out to the ranch with their kids someday soon!  You can read their blog post (Vista Verde–this is not your normal ski vacation) as well as listen to their interview.