Dude Ranch Life: Observations from a ranch baby

This past month we were joined by Cori and Dan Ford, two of our ranch alum who met at the ranch and are now married.  Cori and Dan have come back over the years, during breaks in Dan’s medical school schedule, to help out during busy times.  We always love having them at the ranch, and they always jump right into the mix and help out in so many ways.  This holiday season we had the extra special fun of having 4 month old baby Tyler along for the ride.  We’re all pretty sure Tyler is the cutest baby ever…..ok, well maybe right in there with Saoirse.  And Eamon.  And Wy-Guy, Scotlyn, and Coulton.  Oh, and Althea.  And Maggie and Ella.  Ok, the list goes on and on.  Maybe it’s just fun having ranch babies!?

Having Tyler cruising around the ranch in various arms, we’re pretty sure he came to some conclusions and still has some questions about spending the holidays at a dude ranch.  They most likely go something like this:

  1. What is with the forest inside a building?  I thought big trees belong outside?
  2. I will never learn to walk as the people here just hand me around all day long. By the way, has anyone seen my parents lately?
  3. When those furry creatures breath on me it tickles.
  4. Why is everyone here so nice?
  5. I like celebrating New Year’s Eve on East Coast time, as it was already long past my bedtime and the dancing was exhausting to watch.
  6. Wow, those desserts look REALLY good, but I can’t eat them yet.
  7. Wow, that dinner looks REALLY good, but I can’t eat it yet.
  8. Oh look, another person just took me and carried me away.  By the way has anyone seen my parents lately?
  9. Wow, that bacon looks REALLY good…….are you sure I can’t just gum it for a little while?
  10. What’s up with Beka’s belly?  It’s so round.

Hmmm, did you see how I slipped that one in there?  In case you all hadn’t already figured it out we’re expecting another ranch baby soon!  Beka and Michael have a little one coming in March.  So, even though Tyler is heading back home this weekend with his parents, we won’t have long to wait for another ranch baby to show up!  And maybe there will even be more right behind……but that story will have to wait until next time.