Vista Verde’s First Annual Holiday Gift Guide

christmas vacation gift guide

Ok, take this post as a little tongue in cheek, and just know that it’s the little things that make me laugh.  Since everyone has a gift guide these days, I thought we needed to jump on the bandwagon.  But it might actually be something I try to do each year a little earlier in the holiday season in earnest because there are actually some fun suggestions I think we could share with all of you each year!  And, of course, only a little of it is completely self-serving.

With that humble intro, here are some suggestions on great gift ideas from many of the vendors we work with at the ranch.

Tender Belly Bacon!

Ok, we’re serious.  I know I mention our bacon a lot, but it is really that good, and guests even comment about it when they aren’t here.  So, if you can’t gift your loved one a vacation to Vista Verde Ranch, why not at least get them bacon?  Tender Belly, our purveyor for that awesome bacon, offers a Bacon of the Month Club, among other options for gift purchases.

Experiences, not stuff

We all have too much stuff, don’t we?  And, wouldn’t it feel better to save some packaging from the landfills?  So, why not buy a winter vacation package or a week at the ranch this summer for your loved ones?  You’ll create memories instead of more items to store!

Wild Rags

This is a great gift to give to someone who enjoys the Western look.  We all live in them, and there are so many great designs and colors out there!  Check out the variety at Wyoming Wild Rags.

Ranch Organics

Not only do we love the name, and love the gal who started this great company, but we love the products!  If you want the same scent as what we have with our amenities, look for Sweet Grass.  Ranch Organics is a great small Steamboat company that has gone nationwide in the past decade because of their great products.

A Horse!

Yes, we know you all need a new horse, right?  So why not buy a Vista Verde Ranch bred and raised young horse?  Come on now, the obstacles are merely simple ones to overcome–we’ll help you find a way to ship this critter to your home and even put a red bow around its neck.

Steaming Bean Coffee and our favorite mug

We love, love, love our blue coffee mugs.  So much that we shell out the high price for them to replace the broken ones each season.  They are just so beautiful, and a great size to snuggle up with on a cold morning, or a warm one, or whenever…they are that great.  And the Black Magic blend from Colorado’s Steaming Bean coffee is a guest favorite, so why not pair a bag of that with a gorgeous mug from Mountain Arts Pottery?

When in doubt, gift wine!

Well, it’s always a good fall back, and why not represent the brand and buy someone a bottle of the Williams Selyem 2014 Vista Verde Vineyard Pinot Noir?  No relation to the ranch, but what a cool name, right?

There you go.  The inaugural holiday gift guide from Vista Verde.  Here’s to a happy holiday season!  Oh, and if you’re looking for something to get me, I’ll always take another wild rag.  Who knows, maybe my husband might read this…..