Dude Ranch Life: Special Visitors

dude ranch owners at Vista Verde

Recently we had some special visitors come up to the ranch.  Does the name Tufly ring a bell for any of you?  If not, here’s a clue: the Tufly family owned Vista Verde from the late 1920’s until the 1970’s.  Their boys grew up on the ranch, so we were thrilled when Elvin and Roy came by to visit with their wives Carolyn and Delene.  It was great timing, as they not only got to spend some time at the ranch and share stories of growing up at Vista Verde, but they also got to meet Chris and Laura who own the ranch now.

The guys had us totally entertained hearing about the trouble they got into as boys growing up on the ranch as well as what life was like at Vista Verde in those days.  They used to close the ranch down in the winter, and ski in throughout the winter to shovel snow off the roofs of the buildings.  Such a different lifestyle than what we have today!

It’s amazing how many people’s lives Vista Verde has touched in the past, and how many it continues to touch as a guest ranch today.  We’re all pretty lucky to call it home for even a week at a time!