Dude Ranch Life: Exciting Changes for this Summer!

Colorado dude ranch general manager

Every now and then someone at the ranch moves on and opens up the door for shifting around within our management structure.  As Steve and Kelli moved on this spring to their grand adventure (more on this in the last blog post), we saw some opportunities to move people to areas of the ranch where they are better suited.

With that we are so excited to announce the new management structure of the ranch, which we believe will create the best dude ranch vacation experience possible for our guests.  Ben (formerly the GM) has stepped into the Executive Chef role to sling burgers and cook up bacon.  He is leaning towards a meat only menu, as that is his area of expertise.  That shift has allowed Chef Chol to become a full-time hiking guide.  With his sleep patterns affected by a newborn baby and years of early morning shifts in the kitchen, we will be offering a whole new option of 4am guided hikes in the Zirkel Wilderness area.  Following that change, Charlie has taken over the yoga and Pilates classes, and is looking forward to finding his down dog with our guests out in the aspen trees.  Now that Charlie isn’t managing the finances and all the back end logistics of the staff and guests, stepping into that role will be KP, who has been counting the days until he can finally claim an upstairs office and a desk job.   Now, we did find it a little tricky to figure out the right replacement for overseeing the horse program, but it became an obvious fit with Devyn when she took a lesson from KP and realized that she, too, can be a horse whisperer.  Brandon, who has been eye-balling the Director of Marketing role for years, has finally gotten his wish and will be relieving Steph of her marketing duties.  Keep an eye on the social media accounts, as they are about to get exciting.  Of course, with him picking up those duties, Steph suggested that it would just make sense that he take on all the rest of her role as we all agreed that she would be the perfect fit for the newly created guest advocate role.  Actually, since this position logically would take two people to fill, Steph and Nate have agreed to carry the burden of trying out all the guest activities, staying in guest cabins, and essentially being un-secret shopper guests at the ranch.  They have a vital role in making sure folks coming for a ranch vacation are getting the best experience possible.  Oh, and we almost forgot to mention that Bill will be taking over the kids program!  He has some great craft projects planned with power saws and other sharp tools.  Whew, so many great people finally finding their perfect role at the ranch.

So, as you start to think about your summer vacation (if you haven’t already) keep in mind that the winds of change are blowing at the VVR.  While  we are gearing up to give folks the best family dude ranch vacation they have ever dreamed of, you can sit back and wonder if this is just a big, fat April Fool’s day joke.