Dude Ranch Life: Surrounded by romance

Valentine’s Day is long gone, but we still seem to be overflowing with romance here at the ranch.  It’s pretty fun to be an “old” married lady as I can really appreciate the sweetness of all this love and tenderness happening on the ranch property.  Here’s a little peek into the hearts, flowers, and chocolates that have been floating around in the air at the ranch.

Last month, while every single staff member tried to keep their mouth shut to the surprise (KP wasn’t very good at keeping it quiet ahead of time), Sam came up for a visit from her current home in Fort Collins to visit KP.  In jeans, boots, and some arena dirt to add to the charm, KP asked Sam to marry him.  Phew, now we could all stop trying to pretend we didn’t know a secret!  They are planning a wedding in October and we are so excited for the two of them!

Mixed in here are plenty of honeymooners and anniversary celebrations, so there have been a lot of chocolate covered strawberries and bottles of champagne heading out of the kitchen this winter!

As we near the end of our winter season, we’ve had two wonderful events at the ranch.  Quietly and discreetly, there have been some weddings happening in front of the fire in the Great Room.  Last week Dinara and Davide said their “I do’s” just before hopping into the one horse sleigh for a ride on a gorgeous sunny afternoon.  What a sweet couple, and what an honor to have them chose Vista Verde for their elopement trip.   Then, just days ago Kalli and Mick tied the knot in a private ceremony.  Mick is a photographer, so I got a kick out of watching him set up the scene and the lighting so the hired photographer could get the best shots.  No pressure taking photos of a photographer’s wedding ceremony, right?

It truly is an honor to have people chose Vista Verde for their romantic getaways and elopements.  We recognize how precious vacation time is, and how important it is for a couple to have a special place to celebrate their partnership.  We love helping people start their lives together, celebrate their years together, and rekindle the romance in a beautiful setting without all the distractions of everyday life.  Thanks to all of those who have made the ranch their special place to celebrate their love!