Dude Ranch Life: We’ve got babies coming!

mares and foals at dude ranch

Last week marked roughly the 60 day pregnancy check for our mares who were bred this past summer. Dr. Courtney Diehl came up with her ultrasound machine and checked each of the mares, and confirmed that they are all still in foal (aka expecting) and everyone is looking good!  June, Teletubby, Sugar and Oakley are all well on their way to motherhood.  We’re excited to have our first round of foals by our stallion Shaq due next spring.  We will even have a foal due in the summer, as Oakley took a little longer to get checked into foal this year!

Now it’s time for the mares to relax, get their nails done, and eat plenty of high quality feed.  Not a bad life, eh?