Packing for your ranch vacation

Packing for your Vista Verde vacation can be a challenge, especially given the airlines weight restrictions on bags.  We try to help by having an in-depth packing list, and are more than happy to dole out advice over the phone or email.  But there is no way to get around the fact that there are potentially a lot of costume changes when you come here and want to try it all!

There are a couple ways we can help though!  Did you know that we are more than happy to receive a box of your gear that you ship ahead of time, and have it waiting for you in your cabin when you arrive?  We’ll even ship it home for you at the end of your stay.  And, if you’ve caught the VVR bug, and know you’re going to be coming back, we can even store some of those items that you’ll never wear at home.  We’ll package up your boots and hats and put them in a marked container to wait for your return.  No charge, just one way we try to help make this Western lifestyle a little more accessible for you!

Contact one of us at the Front Desk if you have questions, or want to make arrangements for storing your gear at the ranch next time you visit!