Dude Ranch Life: Out in the community

With all of us settled into the off-season, and catching up with our lives, I’m finding out a bit more about what some of our key players are doing when they aren’t at the ranch.  And, it’s kind of fun to see the different ways some of these folks are plugged into the Clark and Steamboat communities.

Recently, “Grandpa” Charlie was elected to the North Routt Pre-School board of directors.  It’s a great fit as we (all of us at the ranch) are involved with their big Spring Fling fundraisers.  Beka, who loves kids, helps out with the Kids church at the North Routt Community Church, and just this past weekend was a volunteer at the Kids Fall Festival in Clark.  Chef Chol is involved in the Backcountry hunter and anglers fundraiser as a guest chef.  Devyn, KP, and Brandon all help out with the music at the North Routt Community Church on Sundays.  Ben dug out his track cleats to be a volunteer track coach for the high school team (he was once a hurdler, can you believe it!?).  And Steph runs the Steamboat Marketing Collective with meetings each month to present and discuss hot topics in marketing.  Any volunteers for a guest presenter next time you’re in town?


Although much of our time is taken at the ranch, it’s nice to help out in the community around us!