Ranch Romance- Another engagement at the ranch

Gilpin lake engagement

Those of you who have followed us over the years are well aware that Vista Verde seems to be the place to be for budding romances that turn into marital bliss.  Although this relationship didn’t start at the ranch, it involves someone who has been a staple at the ranch for years, and so we are excited to share the news of her engagement.

Beka began her dude ranch career back in 2009, when she was just a wee thing.  Over the years, she has held many roles at the ranch–from heading up the kids program to tending the gardens to leading hiking, biking, and ski tours all over the nearby mountains.  Currently, she is the one responsible for finding, sorting through, and selecting the amazing group of people who make up our staff each season.  It’s not small feat, and she does an amazing job at finding the right kind of people who make Vista Verde such a special place to be–whether as an employee or a guest.

An avid traveler her entire life, Beka has seen much of the world.  She relishes the off-season time-off to rack up the miles and explore new corners of the Earth.  A couple years ago, she and Shannon (former guide) packed up their packs and headed to Patagonia.  While trekking around that country, they met a number of interesting people.  One of those people was just a bit more interesting.  Michael was from Denmark, but he was employed by the military to patrol the coast of Greenland.  Oh, and did we mention he did that job via a dogsled?  Those of us who know Beka well knew that she might have finally met her match.  And, indeed she did.  Since that fateful meeting, there have been a number of long plane rides, amazing adventures, and plenty of Skype calls.  This summer Michael came to the Elk River Valley to spend a little more time living in the same town, er county, um state, ah country for more than two weeks.  That was all they both needed to know that this was meant to be, and just last month there was a hike to Gilpin Lake (still covered in snow), a proposal, and now a wedding coming soon!  Congrats to both of them, and we can’t wait to be a part of your next adventure as husband and wife!