Our most favorite summer adventures

Much like our guests, all of us enjoy the around surrounding the ranch in different ways.  Here are a few of our favorite destinations and how we like to enjoy them:

Beka- Running the Zirkel Circle before coming into work at noon.

Devyn- Taking a horse on the “Long Steak Ride” trail.

Ben- Riding on horseback to Reed Creek to round-up cows in the fall.

Chol- An early morning lap around the Coulton Creek/Cutover trail loop.

JT- Fishing up on the North Fork in Diamond Park

Kelli- Heading out into the aspens for a yoga practice under the trees.

KP- Riding up to the Cliffs, and taking some time to enjoy the view.

Goldie- Anywhere that he can go explore with Erica!

There are so many other favorites, and some of us can’t even choose one as we love them all.  We look forward to sharing our favorite special places with you next time you’re at the ranch!