Dude Ranch Life: Nepotism at its best

If you look at our staff bios, you’ll start to notice a pattern.  There seem to be an unusual number of siblings and relatives working at the ranch this summer.  Bubba pointed this out to me the other day, and he is indeed correct!  Maybe it’s because the people who love working at the ranch want others to have the opportunity to have the same experience, and who better than those who you love the most?  Check out this roster of relatives and see how nepotism is alive and well at the VVR.  Of course, we think it’s pretty swell, as they have all earned the right to be here through a full interview process, and each day prove that they are of the caliber person we expect at the ranch.

  1. Bubba and Phil Veteto- Brothers, both working in the kitchen.  Bubba has been here for years, and this is Phil’s first season.  Good luck telling them apart at first glance.
  2. Isaac and Micah Ness- Brothers, Isaac is one of our senior fishing guides extraordinaire, while Micah is helping out in the kitchen for his first season.
  3. Brandon and Ben Martin- Let’s see…this one is tricky.  Brandon is Ben’s nephew, yet they are not too far apart in age.  This may have something to do with the enormous family they come from in Pennsylvania.  Brandon is the head of the fishing program and the ranch hands and part of the Farwell Mountain Boys.  Ben is our friendly and visionary GM and also one of the founding members of the Farwell Mountain Boys.  Haven’t heard of them?  You should.  They are a big deal.
  4. John and Jessie Thompson- Another kitchen brother combo.  John (JT) has been our Chef de Cuisine for years, and recently talked his little brother into coming out for the summer to help in the kitchen.