Dude Ranch Life: Like an oasis in the desert

US Foods delivery truck at luxury dude ranch Vista Verde

The past month has been a bleak one for those of us so spoiled by the ranch chefs the rest of the year.  Gone were the fresh fruit bowls, the pastries, the hearty lunches on a cold, wet day, and the steaming platters of freshly prepared dinner time meals.   Woe is us.  We get it.  Life isn’t so bad here.  But, nonetheless, the sight of the US Foods truck backing up to the kitchen receiving doors was a sight for sore eyes yesterday.  As were the white chef coats Cholly and JT put back on as they opened up the kitchen for the season.  There was definitely some rejoicing going on all around the ranch with the handful of staff who are slogging out these rainy, snowy spring days in anticipation of sunshine and green grass to come.

In about 14 days the new staff will roll in along with the returners who have been away while we were closed down.  By then hopefully the snow will finally be gone, the mud drying up, and we’ll get to work training and setting up for the summer season.  Between now and the start of orientation we have a lot of work to do!  Tomorrow is moving day, as we start moving furniture into the newly renovated duplex units.  We are so excited to kick off the summer season with those units almost fully booked.  They are turning out even better than we envisioned!

So, bring on the sunshine and bring on the hustle and bustle to get everything done in the next couple weeks.  But, most importantly, bring on the food!