Inspired Food + Luxury dude ranch = Luxury Food Ranch?

By Steph

Chefs.  If you think you love food, you should spend some time with a chef.  They LOVE food.  And, for me it’s fun to watch that passion unfold as we near opening day.  The past couple weeks Chol (Executive Chef) and JT (Chef de Cuisine) have been tinkering with their menus in preparation for the summer season.  Each day, JT stops by the office with a spoonful of this, a plateful of that, or a small sample for me to try.  He and Chol are so dedicated to coming up with fresh and inspired new menu options, while also maintaining some of the old favorites in there.  It’s not an easy task to appeal to the variety of eaters we get at the ranch.  Some people like gourmet.  Some like simple.  Some like veggies.  Some only like meat.  Some like creative.  Some like all-American.  Some are picky.  And there are just a few who like it all.  With each meal, they are trying to appeal to every kind of eater, which is quite a feat.  I’m not sure how they are able to pull it off, but they have once again put together a selection of menus that fit a little of all of it into the week.

So, you’ve got Inspired Food.

Now, mix that in with a luxury dude ranch experience.  Upscale accommodations, high-level service, and quality programs.

I believe we have ourselves a Luxury Food Ranch.  Eat your hearts out.