Nearing the finish line

By Steph

The winter season is coming to an end, and just in time as the snow is rapidly melting away.  Tomorrow we officially close the winter resort season, but then Sunday the guests for our Horsemanship Retreat check-in.  We’ll have a group of about 10 ladies here riding with Jason Patrick until Thursday, and then we shut the doors until summertime.  There is a mix of excitement, sadness, anticipation, and celebration going on for many of us right now.  Excitement as it’s always fun to have a change of pace, and many staff are heading off on amazing off-season adventures.  Sadness as some of our great people are moving on to their next venture in life and we’re sad to see them go.  Anticipation as those who are leaving wonder where their next move will take them, and will they miss the ranch or not?  Celebration as we have worked our tails off since December serving others, and now it’s time to take a deep breath and enjoy the quiet of the off-season.

Although there are many staff moving on to new and different adventures in life, I need to recognize one in particular today.  Malori has led the office team this past year and has been the main voice of Vista Verde.  She’s handled the bulk of the reservations and been the point person for all our guests prior to their stay at the ranch.  It’s been such a pleasure having her in the office and watching her grow over the past couple years.  We will miss her tremendously, but are excited for her to go find her “thing” out there in the big world.  I know she’ll do wonderful things and contribute in great ways.  At the same time, Malori’s partner in crime and roommate Kerri will be heading out too.  She’s the other voice of VVR who steps in on Malori’s days off to cover the reservations.  The amazing person has proven that farm girls can be smart and beautiful, and we’ve loved having her as part of our team. With every sad good bye there is always also a warm welcome.

With Malori stepping out, Meagan will be stepping into her role.  Many of you who have been here know Meagan as the lively server or the bubbly kid wrangler.  Now she is stepping inside the office and will be taking over the phones, emails, and all that goes on in the front office.  So, expect to hear a new voice when you call in to book your reservation (have you booked for the summer yet?  If not, get on it so Meagan can get to work!).  We’re all looking forward to having her join the fun in the office.

There are many more to say goodbye to, and many more to welcome come summer, but that will be another blog.  I’m hoping that sometime in the coming month I’ll have the new website launched, and then we’ll start updating the staff bios so you can check out who will be working here this summer. Lots to do with the closing of the season, and lots of great news to share in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!