The many adventures of Goldie the dog

By Steph

Over the course of the summer, Erica (in charge of our kids program) has sent me photos from her adventures out in the mountains around Vista Verde.  Always by her side is her trusty friend Goldie.

We’ll throw our friends at the Honest Kitchen some love here in mentioning that Goldie is one of the ranch dogs fueled by the Honest Kitchen.  These fine folks provide our ranch dogs with all natural human grade dog food products, using dehydrated whole foods. Their pet foods are produced in the USA from non-GMO produce, hormone-free meats and some organic, fair trade ingredients.  Try some out for your cat or dog!

Now, back to Goldie’s adventures.  In each batch of photos, there is a perfectly posed photo of Goldie with some absolutely amazingly scenic backdrop.  This dog was meant to be a model, and loves being in front of the lens!  I’ve had fun posting these photos throughout the summer on our social media channels.  With the season coming to an end, I thought I’d take a walk down memory lane via Goldie’s adventures.  It has been an amazing season.  We’ve had pretty much a full house all the way up until last week, when things started to get a bit quiet.  The season will come to an end after this week, and we’ll shut down for a few weeks while we wait for the snow to start accumulating.  So, enjoy this tour of the summer and fall seasons through the adventures of Goldie.