Why a guest ranch isn’t a resort

By Steph

Vista Verde is often seen as being a “resort” as many folks can’t wrap their head around the fact that a guest ranch, or dude ranch, can be something more than what they saw in City Slickers.  So, when people see us as a luxury property, they change guest ranch to resort.  Now, there is nothing wrong with being considered a resort.  But, there is something about a ranch that is different.  For example…..

We make our guests work:

During one of our formal dinners this week, Larry donned his white shirt and jeans, just to look like the servers.  Mid-service, Bubba got Larry a bolo tie and an apron, and brought him into the kitchen to help the servers for a few minutes.  And, in the process, gave the chefs a mild panic attack.  That’s a ranch for you.

Nappy Cat has earned a following from guests around the globe.  CC is here right now, with her stash of Fancy Feast, and Nappy is purr-fectly happy.  Then, add to that Diane comes in and gives Nappy Cat a haircut in order to get rid of the….nappies.  Next week, Nappy Cat will go back to helping us with mice control.  That’s a ranch for you.

The traffic around here stinks:

It seems to be that the cows know to block the road just when it’s time to drive up to one of the many hiking trail heads.  It doesn’t matter which trail head we choose, they seem to know where we’re going to be headed and settle down right in the middle of the road.  Having said that, when we go out on horseback to round them up, they suddenly disappear.  That’s a ranch for you.

The band is inclusive:

Go to a resort and sit down at the bar after dinner to listen to the band, and you’ll probably enjoy a nice evening of music.  At Vista Verde, if you have musical talent, you very well may find yourself being the entertainment.  Several times this summer, the Friday night music has included guest performers.  Sometimes they are even better than the band, but don’t tell the guys.

Those are just a few anecdotal examples of things that happen here at Vista Verde that make us all laugh and say, “Only at a ranch.”  For guests who have been here before, please share any of your own stories in the comments!