VVR kids have some fun while helping others

By Steph
A couple weeks ago, the VVR kids got crafty and creative when they decided to raise some money for animals in need.  As they went through yard after yard of friendship threads (if you’re a parent of school-age children, I suspect you are finding remnants of friendship thread all over your house these days as well), they came up with a plan.  The girls developed their product, did a market analysis, studied their demographic, compared their pricing strategy with the competition, and agreed upon their marketing plan.  Then they put it all into action.

The target audience?  Unsuspecting parents and staff at the barn dance.

The product?  Colorful friendship bracelets handcrafted in the kids hut.

The pricing plan?  Donations only.  That opens the door for a higher price point for those who don’t want to be called “cheap”.

The competition?  Just Ben calling square dance moves.  Not too hard to compete with, for sure.

The revenue goal?  As much as possible.

So, how did they do?  Well, let’s just say these ladies have a future in business and philanthropy.  They made a really nice card, bundled up the $75 they raised, and sent it off to the ASPCA.  They recognized that not all horses have the luxe life of a Vista Verde horse, and wanted to do something good for horses who don’t spend most of their days in knee deep green pastures.

Way to go girls!