Unlikely Friends

By Steph

Going down to the mare barn to visit the mares and foals is always a great time.  But this year there has been an extra special source of fun down there.  It’s an unlikely friendship between Bandit the cat and the foals.  I saw it first this spring, when we had only two foals on the groud, and many more to go.  But, as the other foals have arrived and settled into the herd, we’re learning that Bandit is not exclusive in his friendship with the foals.  He likes them all!

Now, let me explain, this is not just a cat that likes to sit on the fence near the foals.  This cat gets in there and loves on these foals like you can’t imagine!  His first pick is a snoozing foal as that makes for the best cuddling.  Even better is when he can roll around and get some nuzzles as that gets all those itchy spots on his back.

Believe it or not, the foals love him!  They follow him around, nuzzle him, snuggle with him and even sometimes nibble on him.  They do draw the line when he starts to knead with his claws too much.  Who wouldn’t?

Come join us for a ranch vacation and you can join the foal clinic and see Bandit in action!