Spotlight On – Cori Webb

By Steph

If you’ve been following the ranch on our various social media outlets, you’ve already met Cori Webb via her photography.  I figured it was time to officially introduce her so people could know the person behind the lens.

Cori is originally from Indiana, and attended Indiana University to study elementary education before making Vista Verde her home.  She is in her 5th season working at the ranch and has a wide variety of experience from working as a kid supervisor, housekeeper, teen wrangler, and my favorite spot for her in the front office (Cori would disagree as she prefers to be outside, but we’d have her back any day!).

So, how does Cori end up with all these phenomenal photos?  She isn’t a trained photographer, but has always been drawn to the camera and capturing moments around her.  Cori’s interest was piqued after a photography class in high school, and she has been shooting ever since.  Being at the ranch, she mostly takes photos of the natural world, but she would really like to spend some more time taking photos of people going forward.  She loves children, so maybe there’s a future in family photo shoots?  Possibly as a side gig as her main focus is elementary education.

As with any great VVR staff who settles at the ranch for a while, and much to our chagrin, Cori’s time is coming to move on in life.  After this summer she will be heading down the mountain and giving city life a try in Denver.  She’s hoping to find a teaching job there so she can start applying her talents with children in the classroom.

When asked what she would miss most about the ranch, Cori answers, “”There are so many incredible aspects to the ranch, but the community is definitely what I’m going to miss the most. This place has become home over the last few years.

It’s been a gift for us to have Cori as part of the family all these years.  On top of her great contributions to the guest experience, and our staff community, we’ve been able to share the beauty of the ranch with so many people through her photos.  We hope you enjoy her photos throughout this summer!