Colorado Spring fever

By Steph

It’s a well documented medical condition that occurs in Steamboat once or twice a year.  Doctors are stumped as to how to vaccinate for this problem, yet they find that the symptoms come on strong and fast.  It’s called Coloritis Springius Feverium, casually known to physicians as CSF or Colorado Spring Fever.  A huge case has hit the ranch this past week.  It’s still spring break time at the ranch, as we wait for the snow to melt and the trails to dry out.  We had a bout of the fever about a month ago, when the sun came out, the snow started to melt quickly, and the birds began singing.  But it cleared out when the snow and cold weather returned, only to come back even stronger this past weekend.

Symptoms are quite similar among patients and range from inability to sit at a desk for an extended period of time, extreme giddiness, waking up early, and sore facial muscles from excessive smiling.  We had the vet up the other day for some horses, and she did a quick examination on our many patients (come on, she’s medically trained one way or another) and she prescribed a simple treatment plan.  Get outside and play!

So, we did.  Brandon went fishing, while Beka and I were on a road bike ride yesterday, Steve and Kelli passed us with their mountain bikes loaded on the 4-runner.  Maybe they were headed to lower elevation and dry trails?  Cori and Mandy rode Scotch and Whiskey Girl up the nature trail, Charlie seems to keep finding “projects” he needs to go check on all over the ranch, and Alaya and Cholly have little Eamon snugged up in the front pack for miles and miles of walking.  And Ben and Holly have been keeping busy cleaning out their garage.  What?  I know, to each their own.

Although we are following the Dr.’s orders quite vigilantly, we are not seeing a drop in our symptoms.  In fact, it seems that the elation levels are only rising.  But, you know what?  That’s just fine with us!!

Word has it that cruddy weather is sneaking back in later this week.  After the high (ok, we don’t need any wise jokes about Colorado’s new laws) of the past 6 days, there may actually need to be some interventions going on for those of us crashing down off that high.  It will just give us some time to dream of the coming months and miles and miles of trails waiting for us to take you out and play.  26 days until we open!