Spring Break in Colorado

By Steph

Spring has arrived at Vista Verde Ranch, and we’re all enjoying a little break between our winter season and the start of summer.  Although there is still a lot of snow on the ground, there is also a lot of mud starting to creep up around the ranch.  Our version of spring break in Colorado means early morning crust skate skiing and snowbiking, long walks down the driveway (it’s the only place that isn’t muddy or slushy right now), riding the young horses as much as we can in the arena, but also introducing them to strolls down the driveway, and road biking.  Or, if you ask Ben, it might just mean turning on the big screen to March Madness.  Either way, we’re enjoying the sunshine, the birds singing the the sound of slushy snow.

After having so many people request for us to stay open a bit later for spring break vacations, we decided to add another week next winter.  So, for those of you who’s spring break schedules allow, we’ll be open until March 21 in 2015.  Spring break getaways at Vista Verde are a little different than the rest of the winter.  Typically the weather is warmer, the snow is melting and mud boots are handy during the warm afternoons on the walkways and driveway.  But, with that warm weather there are some fun opportunities.  Slush skiing in the afternoon.  Crust skate skiing in the morning.  Snow biking on the crust is the best (I’m sneaking out soon for a quick ride) and there is something super fun about being on a ski with short sleeve shirts.  Give us a call if you’re interested in making a spring break trip to Colorado next year!

Oh, is that a chickadee I hear?  Must mean the sun is coming up and it’s time for me to hop on that bike.