It’s a Dog’s Life

By Steph

During the off-season, the pace at the ranch slows down a bit.  I know, those of you who are laughing, thinking we always live at a slower pace are wondering how that can be possible?  Well, in our perspective, it does seem slower!  There are no guests to take care of or play with, which can be lonely, and definitely not as exciting and fun, but also a nice change of pace.  There are very few staff to look out for and no figurative traffic to direct.  While I cherish the quiet and the ability to crank through my mile-long to-do list that accumulated during the season, it also makes it a little harder to find “news” to share with all of you.  But, then these serendipitous events happen and I suddenly have an a-ha moment!

Last week, as I was giving Nicky’s new puppy (more later) some love, it hit me that it would be fun to update everyone on Sidney.  At the same moment, Art, the UPS driver (don’t you all know your UPS driver by name?) showed up with box after box from California.  As we opened the boxes, we realized that our great friends Lucy and Charlie Postins had sent us treats, food and goodies for the ranch dogs from their business The Honest Kitchen.  What a fun surprise, and now I had a topic!

I walked around the ranch with some of their natural dog treats, trying to get the dogs to pose for photos.  Unfortunately, as I was getting mobbed, it was a little challenging to get a decent photo.  Estatic dogs, mud, melting snow….it wasn’t pretty.  I finally recruited Kristen, who was busy ordering new ipod docks for the cabins (I told you, it’s kind of quiet around here in the off-season) to come out and help me get the dogs to pose.  Still, not much luck, as you can see.  So, instead the doggies just got to enjoy their special treats, and now think I am the coolest person on the planet.  Thanks Lucy for putting me on that platform in the dog’s eyes.

With that, I do think I owe all these wonderful, less heralded four legged ranch creatures a chance at the spotlight.  First of all, we have to introduce Sidney.  Nicky fell in love and brought Sidney home to the ranch toward the end of the season.  Cute, small and fluffy right now, she will not be that way in another year as she is a Bernese Mountain Dog.  She is sweet, smart and completely lovable.

Those of you who have been here before know Rosie, Dodger and Trouper.  Rosie (black lab) is Steve and Kelli’s guide dog.  Nope, not because of vision issues, but because she helps them guide ski trips in the winter and hiking trips in the summer.  She even attended yoga with us last summer and had the best down dog of the group.    Dodger (cattle dog mix) is Reid’s teenage pup.  He is about 1 1/2 years old, and full of energy and enthusiasm.  Trouper (yellow lab) is Terry’s buddy.  Trouper hangs around the indoor arena as much as possible, as he just loves being with his dad.  He’s a staple in the stable, so to speak.

There are a few other ranch dogs who don’t make appearances, as they stay inside with their “parents” most of the time.  But, you can always count on the ones mentioned here to have a great sense of Western hospitality.  They seem to have attended our orientations, as they know how to treat people well when they come on a dude ranch vacation!  And, if you’re a dog lover in your own life, don’t forget to check out The Honest Kitchen and their line of natural dog food.