A Poem for VVR

And this is why we love what we do here- who else gets thank you poems from their guests??

We left on a Friday; all filled with good cheer
Anxious for fun, home in the rear mirror.

Days of driving ahead, some adventure, some fun
Me and my wife, and our daughter and son.

Adventure we got, more than you know
Blizzards and such – You know, high winds and snow?!

After a long journey, we finally had a fair day
We arrived on a Sunday to Vista Verde.

We were welcomed by the staff, with actual smiles, not pretend
With the same familiarity and comfort of an old friend.

We planned our next day, hugged our kids and then kissed ’em
We sat down and ate a Thanksgiving dinner with Kristen.

A pair of Robs took us snowshoeing; they had a great time in store
Hot chocolate at the Homestead, and then ate some s’mores.

Delicious lunch followed, we talked and we talked
About our awesomely fun snowshoeing walk.

We wanted a trail ride, with horses and such
A trail ride we got, with our guide called Hutch.

Tonto Bob and Slider, Ranger and Smokey
(Smokey was stubborn and a little slow pokey).

It was cold, with cold snow and wind blowing
But the warm smiles on all is what kept us all going.

The trail ride ended with laughter and glee
Hutch took some great pictures of my family.

We went back to our cabin, relaxation in sight
The kids went to kids club for our special date night.

The kids went off with the VVR staff
My wife and I looked at each other and laughed.

‘What a great place; they think of it all…’
I said as we feasted and both had a ball!

The succulent servings, the perfection … Good golly!
The balance of flavors from the head chef named Cholly.

The snow was still falling as we lay down that night
We awoke to fresh snow, a ten inch blanket of white!

We ate some breakfast and talked about our next outing
All of us so excited, we were nearly shouting.

Let me explain because some may not know
How awesome it is to go tubing in fresh fallen snow!

We met our guide JJ; his face lit up with a smile
‘Are you ready for tubing? Let’s go for a while!’

We rode to our hill in a snowmobile-pulled sled
JJ turned around, and here’s what he said…

“You guys slide down, all the way till you stop…
… then me and my snowmobile will take you back to the top!”

My family and I made some memories that day
Superb reminiscences that don’t go away
All fueled by VVR and our guide JJ.

We had lunch and we cured our hunger and thirst
Then went and saw mares that were ready to burst!

They were pregnant, you see, and very much so!
Within a few days they’d be ready to go.

At the mare barn, another treat to behold
We spent some time with the colts who were just a year old!

My kids were lit up with glee, while petting the horses
VVR has made magic with their equine resources.

Our guide Nathan was so full of pride
Of the VVR ranch and the good things inside.

The kids had a thousand questions, they grilled Nate for a while
And he answered each one with a warm gentle smile.

We finished up and went back towards the cabin
But then I noticed the snow Tyler was grabbin’.

He turned around with his eight year old grace
And threw a fat snowball right in my face.

We played in the snow and enjoyed ourselves fully
We made a great snowman, we called him ‘Wully’.

We had our last dinner and I have to say
We were all a bit mopey since we had to leave the next day.

We stayed up and talked about the vacation we’d taken
And then we talked about the awesome bacon.
“That bacon, That bacon, That Cholly be makin!”

My wife and I laughed, we laid down for the night
Thinking of all the snow filled sights.

We had one sad thought, one thing had been missed
One thing to leave on the ol’ bucket list…

The snow had melted a bit in the day
Making it dangerous for a horse to pull us on a sleigh.

Alas we had missed a whole lot of fun
And it was at the fault of no one.

We woke and ate our breakfast that day
They surprised us and said they were preparing the sleigh!

VVR spent some time and put their heads together
To get us a sleigh ride, no matter the weather!

They made a safe route for the horse to pull
And made sure that our vacation was completely full.

This was the vacation of a lifetime, I just have to mention
How thankful we are for every bit of attention.

The VVR magic was the same with all staff
Their hospitality; much more than a craft.

Always caring and helpful, with superb attitudes
Words will never express our deep gratitude.

We were initially blessed with a gift won online
We now have our memories of a vacation sublime.

With much thanks and appreciation,

The Wullaert Family (Andy, Shera, Tyler, Brooklyn)