Off-Season Hobbies

by Alaya

It’s hard to believe that the 2012 summer season has come and gone. What a whirlwind!

We officially closed up shop on Saturday, and won’t open our doors to guests again until December 15. Of course, as Stephanie mentioned in her previous post, there is still plenty to be done. But even for those of us who will be around between now and December, work (and life) takes on a whole different pace.

Our seasons are busy, and while we love a little down time, those of us who like to “go go go” find we need something to keep us occupied in the off-season.

Whether here or away, it is not uncommon for our folks to use this time to take up a new project or hobby.

In talking to my fellow staff about their off season plans, I’m reminded once again of what’s so special about the staff here at Vista Verde. Plans are varied and interesting and include salsa dancing, drawing, leather work, construction & remodel projects, piano, travel, a new language… the whole gamut. Once again I impressed by the variety of skills, talents and the level of passion my co-workers have. I look forward to seeing everyone in December to hear about their off-season adventures.

As for myself, I just bought myself a new uke to play with. Hopefully I’ll have a few songs under my belt by the time our winter season begins.