Growing up on a dude ranch

By Steph-

I passed by the mares the other afternoon, and noticed that they were alone.  The foal weaning has begun.  It’s a big step in a little horse’s life, and our little friends took that step this week.  Once they are old enough, we move the foals away from their momma’s so they can take the next step in growing up to be civilized dude ranch horses.  I asked Terry for an update on how they are doing, and here is what he had to say:

“We brought them up to the cow pen, right next to the Arena, so we could keep a close eye on them, and they would be far from their momma’s.

They have had a great start on training from the guests who visited our dude ranch all summer, and now they all are trying to find friends in the horse staff who go work with them daily (work is mostly petting and fellowship).  Jr. really loves his mom and is still calling out to her so he’s keeping the girls awake in the barn apartments (barndominiums as we call them).  Jr is the smallest and always will be, and just like Terry, he has “littleman complex”.  So, he is really tough with his siblings yet he has plenty of time to be sweet and remains Nickys’ choice for “favorite baby”.  Thermond (Hopalong Cassidy) is still struggling with trust; but we try to reassure him that all is well.  He genuinely likes the ladies better than he likes the authority figure (ranch trainer Terry Wegener) so T-dub is trying to let him know all is well and safe.  Chisholm is the most loving and kind and accepting of people. We must have gotten some sweet folks on his lead line….  Bailey loves Peggy. That was the big connect of the summer which was very sweet.  These things just happen, and you never know who will be the one who the foal picks.  Gemmy and Rascal were sold together to one of our guests and will winter as best friends. We will stay in touch with them and watch their development with great excitement.  Rocket gets more elegant everyday and right now is showing the most changes.  He is aptly named as he exudes speed and shows a mischievous nature that is really fun.”

As we get closer to our winter resort season, and the snow starts flying, we will send most of the foals down to the Front Range of Colorado to spend the winter growing up in a big, open pasture.  They will be able to frolic with each other, and get bigger and stronger.  Being at a winter resort with all the snow isn’t the best place for them, and so we’ll wait until next spring to bring them back and start their more official training.